Amanda Balkhi, Ph.D.

In my role as the Executive Director of the Balkhi Foundation, I have the distinct privilege of working with some of this generation's most talented students. With the support of educators and families, it is my goal to bring strong opportunities for educational growth within reach of the students that are striving for success. It is my hope to use the lessons learned in academia to partner with schools, students, and members of the community to build a culture of mentorship and collaboration that facilitates student success for years to come.


Outside of the Foundation, I am honored to publish One, Two, What Do I Do? : A Children's Guide to Talking Back to OCD's Intrusive Thoughts. As the first children's book for OCD that shows kids from many backgrounds engaging in evidence based behavior, I believe we have the opportunity to expose children to evidence-based treatment across a global audience. 

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“Education is the ultimate tool to empower talented students. I'm proud to play a small part in the success of our Balkhi Foundation Scholars.”

-Amanda Balkhi

Topics That Excite Me


Education is a great equalizer - and I truly believe that with access to a quality education, a person's life can be dramatically changed. Unfortunately, sometimes students with the most potential are the ones left isolated because of a lack of opportunities. 

I am proud to say that education and education access is on in the forefront of my mind. In partnership with outstanding organizations and through the Balkhi Foundation I hope to be able to facilitate talented students receiving the education and opportunities that they deserve rather than just what they can afford. 

Book Cover for One, Two, What Do I Do? A Children's Guide to Talking Back to OCD's Intrusive Thoughts


We are at an age where information - whether it be about best practices for an intervention or the best way to write a cover letter - is everywhere. However, the sheer amount of information available in the world today means that you can search for hours and still not have an effective plan. 


This is why we wrote One, Two, What Do I Do? - to take evidenced based information and make it accessible and approachable for children and families. Similarly, through our lectures and resource library at the Balkhi Foundation, our Scholars have access to timely and accurate professional development information. 


A strong mentor is at the heart of today's successes and tomorrow's leaders. I benefited from the outstanding mentorship of others throughout my education and am honored to have published a model of mentorship within clinical training. 


At the Balkhi Foundation, we are engaging in organizational mentorship - by sharing our model of scholarship evaluation and helping other organizations to reevaluate long held funding practices. We also strive to connect our scholars with past cohorts to build a community of peer mentorship. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What does a commitment to education mean?I believe that education has the ability to changes lives. By educating one student, we have the potential to radically change quality of life for three generations. First, by providing the student with the opportunity to succeed, second by providing their future children a stepping stone for success, and third by allowing the student to be better capable of reaching back to assist their parents later in life.

This is why I am proud of our work at the Balkhi Foundation. Since day one, we have strived to help talented students afford the educational opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. With that also comes a commitment to be more than a one time funding source for students. Every Balkhi Foundation Higher Education Scholarship is built to be renewable for up to four years, so that students have funding they can rely on throughout thier undergraduate studies.

Additionally, our family’s continued support of Cambodian Village Fund and our historical support of Pencils of Promise have allowed us to improve access to education for children in Cambodia and Guatemala. Each of these schools was built in concert with local communities and regional governments to ensure that the schools would have a lasting impact on the students of the surrounding areas.

Where can I find One, Two, What Do I Do? One, Two, What Do I Do? A Children's Guide to Talking Back to OCD's Intrusive Thoughts is available on Amazon and other retailers. For orders of multiple copies, or for practioner discounts, you can order direct from the publisher at Imagination Inkwell.

How can I learn more about the Balkhi Foundation?We created the Balkhi Foundation as a way to give back to our community and help students who are attaining success despite the obstacles in their way. You can read more about our mission, learn about our Scholars, and view our scholarship criteria on the Balkhi Foundation website.

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